25 Year Old Accidentally Enters a Poker Tournament and Wins Almost $1 Million

Sometimes people accidentally click on things, from annoying pop-up ads, to accidentally buying things on websites (think Amazon one-click), but can you imagine making $1 million from your misclick?

Asher Conniff, a poker player from Brooklyn, was coming off a $203,000 jackpot win from the April 20 Borgata Hotel and Casino Spring Poker Open, the highest win in his career at the time, when he decided to play a high-roller event on Borgata’s online poker wroom.

Instead of clicking to register for the $1,000 high roller event, he accidentally clicked to register for a $1,600 satellite tournament to enter a $15,000 live main event that followed the next day at the casino.

He quickly realized his mistake but the casino said he was out of luck.

So, Asher decided to make the best of it.

He navigated his way through the online tournament and won himself a seat in the main event.

He then proceeded to win the main event by beating out 238 other players, winning a final first place prize of $973,683.

The odds against him were tremendous, because he pretty much just won a 2,400 person tournament (online), and then navigated his way through another 239 player field at the main event.

Due to the fact that he had to play in the main event because he accidentally qualified, he had to miss a family vacation that was already scheduled; but Asher plans to use part of his winnings to treat his family to a vacation to make up for the one he missed.


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