Alex Rodriguez Buys All the Yankees Rookies Three Suits Every Season

Alex Rodriguez has had a lot of negative publicity throughout his career, especially given that he has served a suspension for taking performing enhancing drugs.

Alex Rodriguez has recently tried to shed a more positive light and is trying to move beyond the steroids scandal.

But, did you know that Alex Rodriguez was a great teammate?

MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds describes what Alex Rodriguez has done for every rookie Yankee to pass through the teams roster.

For the past 11 years, Rodriguez has been buying three suits for every rookie that joins the Yankees roster, regardless of if they’re a star prospect or just someone called up to fill in a temporary role.

He takes them out and buys them three suits each because they are now in the big leagues and need to dress as such.

With the amount of turnover with the Yankees organization we expect it to cost Alex a pretty penny, even though it probably doesn’t make a large dent in his wealth, with Rodriguez being the highest paid player in Major League Baseball today; but still, it is a generous gesture!




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