American Airlines Introduces First Class Cabins For Pets

Flying with your pets can be quite difficult for you and your pet. But American Airlines has stepped up their game with preferred pet seating.

Currently only available for the airlines’ A321T planes that fly between Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York City, American Airlines recently introduced the “Cuddle Class” for your pet.

Available for First Class passengers who wish to be closer to their pet, you can now have your furry companion in a special customized First Class pet cabin.

Seats for the newly introduced “Cuddle Class” can be booked and reserved when you book your own ticket, and a veterinarian’s sign off is necessary.

Sadly larger pets may not be able to fit in the 19″ by 13″ carrier, so you may have to fly in a more traditional fashion if you own a larger animal like a Great Dane.

The price is $125 which is the same price as you would pay for a pet carry-on.

AA First Class Pets

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