This Apartment is for Rent for $500k a Month in Manhattan

We all know that rent in Manhattan can be pricey, but this apartment will set you back half a million dollars a month, or six million dollars a year if you choose to rent it.

Of course at $500,00 a month, this is not your average apartment.

The apartment basically consists of the whole 39th floor of the PierreĀ Hotel located on East 61st Street between 5th Ave and Madison Ave, a block away from Central Park right in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

For half a million dollars, you get 4,786 square feet of living space, which includes six bedrooms (counting the two-bedroom Presidential Suite), and six and a half bathrooms.

If you wish to save a little bit, you can rent just the Presidential Suite for $400,000 per month and tack on additional rooms for anywhere between $20,000 to $40,000 a month.

This is the first time that the Presidential Suite is up for rent for extended stays.

If the suite is available, you can rent the suite for a nightly stay which is currently at $20,000 a night.

You also get all the perks of hotel living, twice-a-day housekeeping, butler service, room service, and a chauffeur driven Jaguar.

Check out pictures of the gorgeous apartment below:









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