Asus Shows Off the First Ever Watercooled Latptop

In the world of high end gaming computers, standard fans are not good enough to cool down overclocked computer parts, people usually turn to liquid cooling.

Liquid cooling is a way to keep your computer cool by pumping liquid coolants through your computer to keep it cooler than you would be able to using a standard fan.

This system is usually only used in the most high end builds, and not really for the standard computer.

Liquid cooling can cause problems due to the amount of parts involved, and involves cleaning and maintenance of the system every six months or so.

Now who in their right mind would put such a complex system to use with a laptop?

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus would.

Asus has shown off their new Republic of Gamers GX700 laptop recently.

A gaming laptop with 4K 17 inch display and an unannounced Nvidia graphics card.

The laptop attaches to a base that contains a liquid cooling system, and when it is connected, it will allow you to boost both processor and graphics speed significantly.

Necessary? We aren’t quite sure, but it certainly looks cool!

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