BMW i3 Outsells Tesla in August 2014

The electric BMW i3 outsold the Tesla last month, want to test drive one for an extended time? See the link at the bottom.

The launch of BMW’s electric powered i3 outsold Tesla’s Model S sedan in the month of August. According to an estimate by, a website for energy-related news, BMW sold 1,025 units of the i3, and Tesla only sold around 600 Model S sedans.

BMW has announced that it is expanding its network of charging stations, starting with California, where there are a planned 100 charging stations to be operational by next year. It is worthwhile to note that BMW’s charging stations use the standard SAE Combo 1 plug that other electric vehicles use, except for the fact that electric vehicles of other makes will have to pay through an account maintained by ChargePoint.

It is hard to make a direct comparison between the two vehicles though, the BMW i3 is priced at $42,000 and needs to be recharged every 120 miles, it is more of an affordable electric automobile, much more in reach for the average person than the Tesla Model S, which starts at around $70,000.

Tesla is however working on a Model 3, which is expected to launch in 2017, which will be priced at $35,000 which will compete in the more affordable market along with the i3.

Are you curious about the i3? Wish to take it for an extended test drive? Click the link below:

Note: We were only supplied the link through a marketing campaign, and have not yet signed up for an extended test drive ourselves, your mileage may vary when it comes to participating dealers/qualifying for the extended test drive.

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