BMW’s Newest App Helps You Time Red Lights

We’ve all been there, driving in an unfamiliar area, and all of the sudden a light turns red, or when we reach one of those streets where you seem to time it perfect and you get green light after green light.

BMW released its EnLighten app, which allows BMW owners know for sure when the next light will turn red and gives you advice on how hard to hit the pedal, a glance at the car’s display will show you the current color of the next light and a count down to the next change.

The app will also alert you to prepare for stopping or not based on the car’s current position and speed, to keep the drivers’ eyes on the road, the app offers audio signals that alert the pending changes.

If there is a turn lane, and your car has the turn signal on, the app will update for the turning light as opposed to the main one.

Bad news however for Android owners, the app is only available on iOS and you’ll need to have a BMW equipped with the BMW Apps option.

Also, the app is currently only available in a city that hosts an integrated network of smart traffic signals, currently only three cities have this option, Portland and Eugene in Oregon, and Salt Lake City in Utah.

Other cities are supposed to follow through according to BMW, but there is no timeframe yet.

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