Brabus Tunes and Enhances the Mercedes AMG GT S

The Mercedes AMG GT S comes stock with 503 horsepower, but Brabus tunes the model up to be even faster.

Brabus modifies the engine to now produce 592 horsepower and also enhances the look on the luxury GT cruiser.

The performance kit designed for the 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 engine that comes with the GT S has been called the Brabus PowerXtra B40-600 and includes remapping of the injection and engine, as well and increased boost pressure.

Brabus also fits the car with a beautiful carbon fiber body kit which includes more aggressive bumpers, spoilers, and custom air outlets on the front fenders.

There is also new rocker panels and a brand new rear diffuser.

Brabus also enhances the sound via upgrading the car with a titanium sports quad exhaust.

Also upgraded are the wheels, which are now ultra light weight Monoblock F forged allows.

The interior can be customized, including many carbon fiber and aluminum options.

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