Chinese Gaming Company Spent Almost $100 Million to Make Headquarters Look Like Star Trek’s Enterprise!

There are many fans of Star Trek from around the world, but the Chinese game development company NetDragon Websoft takes it to the next level.

It is reported that the company invested around 600 million yuan or around $96-97 million dollars to build the 260 meter long, 100 meter wide, six floor building.

And for a country known for their knockoffs, the NetDragon company did it right.

It reached out to CBS which produces Star Trek to secure the rights to use the likeness of the Enterprise of the building, and this is rumored to be the only Star Trek building ever built.

Located in Changle, in China’s southeast Fujian province, construction started in the late October of 2010 and was completed in May 2014.

Liu Dejian, a 43 year old University of Kansas alumni and CEO of the Chinese online game developer NetDragon Websoft is a huge Star Trek fan (as if you couldn’t tell). Mr. Liu is also a board member of Chinese search engine giant Baidu.

Take a look of drone footage shot of the headquarters below:

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