Crystal Cruises to Expand Brand with Luxury Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Crystal Cruises, which has recently been purchased by Genting Hong Kong, has announced expansion outside of the cruise world.

Crystal is planning on launching Crystal Luxury Air.

Set to take off in 2017, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner purchased by Crystal which usually seats 242 to 335 passengers, will sit 60 travelers in fully reclining business seats.

Crystal says they plan on launching the plane to accommodate customers who wish to go around the world in less time than a globetrotting cruise.

The company plans on flying passengers to roughly a dozen remote locations across the globe on a 28-day itinerary.

The trips are supposed to include stays at luxury hotels, meals at the world’s finest restaurants and world-class entertainment.

No word on the cost yet, but this seems like the way to travel.

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