Daily Commute in a $1.5 McLaren P1 is Normal for This Japanese Businessman.

Normally when you think daily commuter, you would think of something practical, something that gets good mileage.

Well not so for this Japanese attorney.

Go Hiramatsu is a Japanese attorney who makes the daily trek to work slightly more interesting by commuting in a $1.5 million hypercar.

The McLaren P1.

Hiramatsu loves his P1 and enjoys driving it hard on the empty mountain roads and on the Fuji Speedway where he is touched 188 mph (302 km/hr).

He is also considerate enough to turn the car down into an all electric mode as to not annoy the neighbors when pulling in at night.

Mr. Hiramatsu has put together an advertisement showing that supercars can be used as a daily driver with McLaren Automotive.

Check it out here:


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