Dom Pérignon Introduces the Atelier Dom Pérignon A Tour and Tasting Experience

Dom Pérignon, an exquisite Champagne produced by the Champagne house Moët & Chandon has announced the launch of the Atelier Dom Pérignon.

The experience contains an educational tour, a tasting, as well as an invitation to join Club Dom Pérignon, which gives access to exclusive offers.

Guests will tour the Champagne House at the Abbey of Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers in the heart of Champagne, the same place where in the 17th Century, monk Dom Pierre Pérignon perfected the techniques that gave birth to one of the best wines in the world.

They will also get an opportunity to taste some of the Dom Pérignon vintage 2004 or 2005, the Dom Pérignon P2 1998, Dom Pérignon P3 1990, and the Dom Pérignon rosé 2003 as part of the one day work shop.

After the workshop ends, guests have a chance to join Club Dom Pérignon and have special access to offers.

Fourteen sessions of Atelier Dom Pérignon will be scheduled for this inaugural year, and only twelve seats per session will be offered.

The sessions will begin in June 2015.


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