Dubai Based Jeweler Makes the World’s Most Expensive Guitar

Dubai is known for it’s opulence and luxury, but they have taken it another step further and assisted with creating the most expensive guitar ever made.

Dubai-based Lifestyle Fine Jewelry, in collaboration with its parent company, Aaron Shum, a leader in the jewelry industry in Hong Kong, teamed up with Gibson to create the world’s most expensive guitar.

The  Gibson “Eden of Coronet” weights 1.6 kilograms and took 700 days to finish with the help of 62 artisans.

The design was created by Mark Lui and the guitar has more than 400 carats of diamonds and an 18k white gold finish.

The diamonds used on the guitar was sponsored by Hong Kong firm, Chow Tai Fook.

The guitar was shown at Baselworld 2015, a luxury trade-show in Switzerland showcasing some of the most unique pieces of jewelry around.

The Guinness World Records verified and confirmed the guitar’s value at $2 million.

The guitar is fully functional and playable, but I’m not sure any owner of a $2 million guitar would actually play it.

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