The Favorite Business Book of Both Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Revealed!

We all know Warren Buffett praises Ben Graham and his book the Intelligent Investor, but did you know about his favorite business book of all time?

Apparently when Bill Gates first met Warren Buffett in 1991, Gates asked Warren to recommend his favorite book about business. Buffett without skipping a beat said that it was Business Adventures by John Brooks and offered to send Gates a copy.

Well more than four decades after the book was first published, Gates is now lauding the book as the best business book he has ever read and that Brooks is still his favorite business writer.

Even though the book is written in the 1960s and the landscape of the businesses profiled in the book has changed since, the fundamentals behind the stories have not changed.

For a while the book was out of print since 1971 and used copies were trading for thousands of dollars, but recently the book has been re-printed and is available now in Paperback and electronically. The new releases have an updated intro from Moneyball/Liar’s Poker/The Blind Side writer Michael Lewis.

Below is a link to the book on

See below a video of Gates and Buffett talking about the book:

By the way, according a this Wall Street Journal article¬†written earlier in July this year, Gates notes that he still has Buffett’s copy of the book and has yet to return it.

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