Ford Motor Company Takes Luxury Seating in Cars to a Whole New Level!

Everyone underestimates the importance of a car’s seat, an uncomfortable seat can ruin any car ride for you, but Ford has taken the luxury seats to a whole new level.

The newest seats in the Lincoln Continental brings luxury seating to where it has never gone before.

There is a cushion under each leg to be manipulated independently, let alone for both length and height.

There is a 30-way power seat, yes 30 different ways, which sounds a lot more like a massage chair, than the seat you will find in a car, are technically part of the ones in the concept car, but Ford/Lincoln has said that these are very close to the ones going in the production model.

The best part is, the seating isn’t just for the front seats, but are also going to make their way to the rear of the car.

Basic features will also be available, such as heating and seating, and premium options like massage can be added.



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