Guinness The 1759 Limited Edition $35 Luxury Beer

Guinness is releasing it’s first Signature Series beer, The 1759.

The name stems from the year that Guinness first began (in 1759).

The 1759 however differs from your traditional Guinness beer.

For starters it will cost $34.99 for a 25.4 ounce bottle.

The 9 percent ABV amber ale is based on a 200 year old recipe using traditional beer malt and peated whisky malt along with Guinness yeast.

The bottle comes with a velvet lined box and a black cage and cork topped bottle.

There will be only 90,000 bottles made and will be sold in retail stores bars and restaurants starting in early November, and once they finish the run, that will be it. Doug Campbell is quoted as “We will brew it one time only and basically throw away the recipe afterward”, so if you want to try this beer, you should probably start planning now on how to get your hands on it.


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