Hennessy Releases a New $39,000 Cognac

The seventh generation of his family to be a master blender for the House of Hennessy, Yann Fillioux, has created one of his masterpieces yet again.

One of the last blends he will make in his tenure as master blender (before his nephew, Renauld Fillioux de Gironde takes over), the Hennessy 8 blends some of the cellar’s oldest with a touch of the youngest, selected by de Gironde.  Heavily floral, with sharp citrus notes interlaced with smoked oak and creamy almonds, it beckons as it evolves in the snifter. Only 250 Baccarat decanters, designed by Arik Levy, have been produced, each encased in a wooden chest fashioned from barrel staves.

It is priced at $39,000.

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