Hermès Launches Brand New Product – Playing Cards

Parisian luxury fashion brand and manufacturer of luxury items such as leather bags, some of the best silk ties around, has expanded their catalog, with $100+ playing cards.

There are four different kinds of decks with what appears to be three different kinds of prints.

The fourdifferent options include the “Les 4 Mondes” and the “Accostage” sets, which are available as a single deck. The third option, the “Parade”, is actually two decks made for using with bridge, and there is a fourth option, which they called “Poker Cards’, which include two decks of cards intended for using with poker.

Also available is a playing card holder made of leather that holds two standard decks of playing cards and is currently available in seven different colors, priced at $740.

The silver edged cards cost $100 for the Accostage, $105 for the two decks of poker playing cards or the Parade bridge set, and if you really want to splurge, the Les 4 Mondes set retails at $170.

Hermes Cards 2


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