A Look at the Tenants of the New One World Trade Center

The building known as the Freedom Tower, or One World Trade Center opened up with its first tenants moving in on November 1st earlier this year.

Condé Nast has started moving in the first of its thousands of employees in already, Chinca Center New York LLC, an incubator for Chinese businesses trying to get established in the United States has signed on for space, as well as High 5 games, developer of Facebook and casino games. There are a few other tenants, but for now, only 61% of the space has been rented out after five years.

Apparently when Tara Stacom, executive vice-chairman of Cushman and Wakefield (who is handling the leases of the building) was asked if they had planned on lowering rents to fill up the building, she answered with “No.”

New York Magazine put together this cool interactive map to show you which tenants have taken which space, including a floor by floor breakdown of the various magazine brands of Condé Nast.


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