Microsoft Has Launched Autonomous Robot Security Guards on Its Campus

In the Silicon Valley of tech company Microsoft, you may see one of these robots roaming around.

Each one of these robots stand at 5 feet tall and weigh 300 pounds.

The robots come from a California company called Knightscope and are dubbed the K5.

As of now, the Knightscope K5 are just used for surveillance, they have no sort of weaponry at all, although there are plans to equip the robot with tasers.

The robots can use their sensors to track down threats, scan license plates, and depending on the threat, it can either sound an alarm, call a security guard or call law enforcement.

The robots are fully autonomous and are supposed to be able to run for 24 hours on a single charge, if the batteries are running low, the Knightscope K5 will return to a charging port and plug itself in.

The full recharge time is reported at 20 minutes which is pretty incredible.

According to ExtremeTech, Microsoft are using them only temporarily at the Silicon Valley campus as part of a demonstration put on by Knightscope.

Check out the video of the Knightscope K5 below:


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