How Much It Costs To Feed a Family Across the USA

Costs of feeding a family of 4 across the United States vary from state to state, ever wonder how much it would cost to feed your family in a certain state?

Diets in Review pulled together this infograph that shows the cost of feeding a family of 4 in various different states.

The underlying data was pulled from Numbeo “the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide.”

They took the cost of chicken breasts, apples, potatoes and milk from various states and calculated it.

The cheapest groceries in the United States? Idaho, which comes in at $9.33 for the produce.

The most expensive? Virginia, at $27.48, almost triple the price of the cheapest state.

The average was at $14.99.

Check out the infograph below.

Feeding a Family

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