Samsung Teams Up With Swarovski and Montblanc to Create Exclusive Cases

Samsung has teamed up with premium accessory maker Montblanc to introduce a luxury case for Samsung’s S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5.

Previously, Montblanc and Samsung teamed up for a Stylus.

The Korean electronic company has also teamed up with Swarovski to introduce cases for those who prefer a little more glitz.

Montblanc’s leather cases will be made available in exquisite soft grain and extreme options, and will be available for flip wallets that have pockets in the case for the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and a flip wallet for the Galaxy Note 5 which won’t have pockets.

Swarovksi’s Edelweiss collection will feature a premium edition case for the S6 Edge+ that can have as many as 1,300 crystals.

The Swarovski case however will not be available globally and only for a select global markets and through online platforms.

Pricing has not yet been announced.

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