Saudi Arabia Is Planning on Building the World’s Largest Hotel With 10,000 Rooms

In Mecca, Saudi Arabia, there are plans to build the world’s largest hotel containing 10,000 rooms.

Millions of Muslims make the pilgrimage to Mecca every year, and note that if you are not Muslim, you are not allowed in Mecca, so you will not be able to stay at this hotel.

The hotel will be part of a mixed-use development at Abraj Kudai, a project intended to look like a desert fortress.

The estimated cost of building the building is around $3.6 billion.

The tremendous building is scheduled to be completed in 2017 and is supposed to have 12 separate towers growing up to 44 stories high.

Two of the twelve towers is slated to offer five-star facilities and amenities while the other ten are slated to provide four-star facilities and amenities.

The total site will include residential facilities, a shopping mall, a bust station, food courts and plenty of car parking.

Also included in the massive compound is 70 restaurants, 4 rooftop helipads, a full size convention center, and 5 floors set aside for the royal family.

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