The $1 Million Bulletproof Mercedes Limo

The Mercedes G63 AMG is quite the machine, and at a starting price of around $140,000, it is a staple of luxury, but, if the standard model isn’t good enough for you, you can buy a modified armored model for $1 million.

Armored vehicle specialists at the Inkas Group, has created one of the most luxurious and secure G-Wagons available.

Inkas, famous for their Huron armored personnel carrier, has modified the G63 AMG limo.

All the surfaces of the vehicle including the windows have been armored to be bulletproof, and the floor has been specially designed to withstand a pair of fragmentation grenades detonated.

The G63 AMG also has perimeter security cameras which can be operated by passengers through an integrated iPad Mini while relaxing in the luxurious captain’s chairs.

The luxurious and secure limousine SUV is powered by a handmade 5.5 liter biturbo V8 engine, and in terms of luxury, is equipped with satellite TV, bar and refrigerator, and a speed vault quick access pistol holder.


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