The 210 Year Old Cognac That is Up For Sale for Over $225,000

We all know vintage liquor can be worth quite a pretty penny, and this bottle of cognac is no exception.

The last remaining bottle of cognac made during the Battle of Trafalgar is now on sale for £148,320 ($231,220).

The bottle, a Massougnes 1805 cognac is being sold by Brandyclassics, a British company that specializes in high end vintage bottles.

Brandyclassics was in possession of the three quarter gallon bottle for 15 years and has decided to sell it.

The cognac is supposed to have a light hazel nut flavor and is supposed to have retained its excellent taste despite the age.

Also offered up for sale is the 1805’s companion bottle, a Massougnes 1801 cognac for £141,120 (Over $210,000).

Who would purchase a bottle? Brandyclassics have said they have sold cognac in the U.K. to luxury hotels who would then serve them to their customers for about £6,000 a measure.

It’s great to see these bottles purchased for consumption as opposed to just sitting in a collection somewhere.

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