The $775,000 Watch Rafa Nadal Will be Wearing at the French Open

Richard Mille, a luxury watchmaker that targets the super rich, announced over the previous weekend that it is launching a new watch for Nadal, the RM 27-02.

The latest Nadal watch is a mechanical tourbillon which is almost unheard of for a sports watch.

But to adapt to Nadal’s power in tennis, the new watch can stand up to 5,000 G’s of force, around what Formula 1 drivers feel while blasting around the circuits at extremely high speeds.

The watch contains grade 5 titanium and a sapphire crystal, and is harder and lighter than the previous Nadal model thanks to new construction techniques and these new materials.

Only 50 models are being made and they are only available at Richard Mille boutiques.

They are priced at $775,00.

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