The Cost of Attending a Major League Baseball Game

Baseball season has begun again and you may be wanting to go catch a game live, we know we plan on it.

But the cost of attending a baseball game can fluctuate depending on which team you plan to go watch.

And not all tickets work by location/city that the team is located in.

For example, if you wish to go see the New York Yankees, an average ticket would cost you $51.55, but to visit the New York Mets which is in a different borough but still in New York City, the average ticket will cost you $25.30.

Same works for the Chicago Cubs where an average ticket will set you back $44.81, but the White Sox also located in Chicago, and average ticket will set you back $26.05.

NewsNet5 compiled the amazing interactive infograph below with the data from which analyzes the cost of attending a game at all 30 teams stadiums.

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