The High End Luxury Remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System!

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), is a classic console that everyone in the world seemed to own.

Analogue Interactive has recreated a gorgeous remake of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Analogue Nt.

At a price of $500, you get an extremely sleek aluminum chassis surrounding a system that is compatible with the original NES cartridges, as well as the Famicom cartridges that were made for use in Japan.

The system also provides support for both the original NES controller as well as the Famicom controller and comes with ports available for up to 4 players built in as opposed to the default two on the original system.

All your old accessories will also work with the Analogue Nt, from the Zapper, the Power Glove, and any other nostalgic trinkets you may still have.

What differentiates this system from others is that most other NES remakes rely on emulation, the Analogue Nt uses a real Ricoh 2A03 8-bit processor and Ricoh 2co2 picture processor from the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The system also removed the lockout chip, which contributed to the Nintendo’s blinking red light and game loading problems, so hopefully you won’t have to be blowing into those cartridges anymore.

The Analogue Nt has upgraded the interface however, so you can use RGB, Component, S-Video, and an optional HDMI adapter with 1080p upscaling.

If you’re interested, you can check out their shop here.

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