The Million Dollar Whisky Collection – The Dalmore Paterson Collection

For almost $1 million British Pounds, or around $1.5 million, you can purchase the Dalmore Paterson Collection.

The price tag gets you 12 bottles of whisky, unavailable elsewhere, in lead crystal decanters finished with hand engraved silver.

The 12 bottles was selected by Dalmore Master Blender Richard Paterson and Harrods wine and spirits buyer Nick Fleming.

They contain some of the rarest Dalmore malts available and each bottle is named after a person who influenced Richard’s life and career.

The oldest whisky in the collection is a 1926 vintage, dedicated to Alexander Matheson, the founder of the Dalmore distillery.

For that price tag, on top of the rare whisky in gorgeous decanters, you also get a bespoke cabinet constructed by master cabinetmaker Gavin Robertson, there is also a handwritten ledger with more than 200 pages, bound in calfskin, which took over 1000 to write and apparently “captures Richard’s every thought and step on the way to creating the collection.”

The whisky is available for purchase at Harrods for £987,500.


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