The Most Expensive Home in San Francisco Sells for $31 Million

Real estate is expensive in San Francisco, but the most expensive home in the Bay Area has just sold for $31 million.

The mega mansion located at 2701 Broadway has been touted as San Francisco’s most expensive home.

Originally listed for $39 million, the 16,400 square foot home in California eventually sold at $31 million and still made it as the most expensive house.

The large seven bedroom and seven bathroom (and four half baths) country house was built in 1910 and was restored by Moller Willrich Architecture and Design in 2002.

The 5 story house is located on one of the highest points in Pacific Heights, providing it gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco City skyline.

The house also two kitchens, two family rooms and two offices.

Among amenities, it boasts three rooftop terraces with gorgeous views and an indoor basketball court.

There is a slight lack of garage space though as it only has space for two cars.

The new owner’s identity has been kept under wraps, but the house is known to have been sold by raw food chef Roxanne Klein and her entrepreneur husband/CEO of Modulus guitars Michael Klein.


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