The Most Luxurious Christmas Tree Topping $945,705 Diamond Christmas Tree Star

Christmas is fast approaching, and as the holidays arrive, people will be picking up trees and decorating them, but there is one decoration that can truly make your tree stand out.

VeryFirstTo has announced “The World’s Most Glamorous Christmas Tree Star”.

Created by 77 Diamonds, who has the world’s largest selection of loose diamonds, the gorgeous star stands 20cm high and 13cm wide.

With a total weight of 230 grams, the star has over 280 diamonds studded throughout, totalling in excess of 12 carats.

The rest of the star is made of Sterling Silver, while the center section is yellow gold plated.

The highlight of the star is a rare and dazzling GIA certified 5 carat D flawless diamond which, between Christmases, can be easily removed and transforms into a stunning necklace.

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