The Secret Apartment Inside the Eiffel Tower

Did you realize that inside the famed Eiffel tower there lies a secret apartment?

Gustave Eiffel, a civil engineer and architect who was the namesake of the Eiffel Tower kept a secret small apartment on the third level of the famed tower, about a thousand feet in the sky.

Apparently once word got out that Eiffel had an exclusive apartment located atop his namesake tower, Parisian high society offered him a number of high offers to rent out the space, even for one night.

Gustave Eiffel however declined them all, preferring to use the space for quiet reflection and to entertain prestigious guests.

Thomas Edison was one guest who visited Eiffel and gifted him one of his newfangled phonograph machines.

For a while the secretive apartment was closed off to the public, but most of Eiffel’s original furnishings remain along with mannequins of Gustave Eiffel and Thomas Edison that were placed inside.

But recently, the private apartment has been open to the public to view.


Gustave (mannequin) in his apartment.

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