The Ten Best Restaurants In the World (2015)

There are plenty of fine restaurants throughout the world, but which ones are the best?

Well the results for the Elite Traveler 2015 poll is in.

Apparently the average Elite Traveler reader takes 4.1 private jets a year and has the chance to find some of the finest restaurants in the world, the results from their poll should be fairly accurate.


10. Osteria Francescana – Modena, Italy – Pictured above is the Salt Cod Filet available at the restaurant that takes the 10th place on this list. The menu contains a combination of traditional Italian dishes that come from the Emilia-Romagna region, some modern favorites and some more cutting edge dishes.


9.  Le Bernandin – New York City, USA – Pictured above is the scallop in brown butter featured at this restaurant. It is considered one of the best seafood restaurants in the world, serving fresh, local ingredients.


8. La Pergola – Rome, Italy – Pictured above is the Fagottelli “La Pergola” available in the Italian restaurant La Pergola. They serve both traditional and modern Italian dishes using local sources. They also have over 60,000 bottles of wine and a gorgeous view of the city. Did we mention this is the only three star Michelin restaurant in Rome?


7. Per Se – New York City, USA – Pictured above is the butter poached Nova Scotia Lobster served at Per Se. Ever since its opening ten years ago, it’s made the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list every year. They serve a range of dishes influenced primarily by American and French cuisine.


6. Robuchon au Dome – Macua, China – Located in the dome of the Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macau, not only does the restaurant provide amazing food, it provides breathtaking views of Macau. A restaurant by the famed Chef Joel Robuchon, this restaurant used to be Robuchon a Galera and also has Three Michelin stars.


5. The Fat Duck – Bray, The United Kingdom – The small boutique restaurant, in this fairly nondescript building (pictured), is one of the finest restaurants in the world. The Fat Duck is one of those restaurants that produces some of the most inventive and progressive dishes in the world, using liquid nitrogen among other non-traditional items.


4. Eleven Madison Park – New York City, USA – The Hudson Valley Foie Gras pictured above. Eleven Madison Park is a fine dining restaurant located in the heart of New York City and serves up high-end American cuisine. They offer an ever-changing tasting menu that is priced at about $225 per person.


3. Azurmendi – Larrabetzu, Spain – Located on in the Basque countryside, the amazing restaurant prides itself on being eco-friendly and using organic ingredients, the building the restaurant is located in was itself built with recycled materials and solar panels.


2. El Celler de Can Roca – Girona, Spain – Pictured above is the tortilla de caviar served at the family run Spanish restaurant located in Girona, Spain.


1. Alinea – Chicago, USA – Pictured above is the famous dessert for the Chicago restaurant Alinea, served directly on the table. The restaurant has been named Best Restaurant in America three times and serve a very interesting menu that comes in the form of either eighteen or twenty two courses that periodic changes. See below for a video of the famed dessert being made:

 Source: Elite Traveler

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