The Ultra Luxurious 69 Meter Long Super Yacht – Suerte

Suerte, designed by Francesco Paszkowski debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Suerte meaning luck in Spanish, spans 69 meters and has the exterior designed by Francesco Paszkowksi and an interior that was designed by Margherita Casprini.

There is a large beach club at the water level, where one can board the yacht, and instead of being a a standard water-sport area, the space has been designed as a continuation of Suerte’s main living areas, containing a large lounge area, bar, and TV.

The master cabin is placed forward on the upper deck, overlooking a private terrace with sun pads and an intimate jacuzzi.

In the upper salon, the yacht boasts a unique feature, skylights that aren’t part of the teak deck above, but the bottom of a large pool on the bridge deck, and creates a mesmerizing effect as the sunlight flows through the water and illuminates the entire salon.

Exterior decks have been divided into separate social areas but retain a sense of fluency and connection with other meeting areas and the interior.

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