The World’s First Figure 8 Ferris Wheel is Being Built Inside an Extravagant Macau Casino

Studio City Macau is a giant new casino being built on Macau’s Cotai Strip (the Las Vegas Strip of the East).

At the center of the luxurious and ginormous casino will sit a Ferris wheel in a figure 8 shape.

The casino is designed in an Art Deco style and is estimated to cost $3.2 billion to build, containing gambling floors, movie themed entertainment options, a 1,600 room hotel, and this unique Ferris wheel made to resemble a gigantic 35 mm film reel.

The “Golden Reel” stretches 425 feet high, is also Asia’s highest Ferris wheel, sandwiched between the two towers that houses the casino’s hotel rooms.

You can board one of the wheel’s 17 cars (with each car roomy enough to fit up to 10 guests) on the 23rd floor of the hotel.

The Ferris wheel cars then snake around the steel golden circles along the outside, but there is no crossover in the middle so it technically isn’t a true figure-8.

The ride is being built by Liechtenstein’s Intamin Amusement Rides in response to Chinese regulators who are demanding more non-gaming attractions in Macau.

The Ferris wheel is currently undergoing mechanical tests and the entire casino is scheduled to open later this year.

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