The World’s Most Expensive In Car Clock – Inside the Bentley Bentayga

Bentley is set to release the world’s most expensive SUV, their Bentley Bentayga, which starts at $229,100 in the United States.

One option you can order with the car is the Breitling Mulliner Turbillon clock, which pretty much doubles the car’s price.

The final price hasn’t been set on the option yet, but it’s expected to be priced at about £150,000, or roughly $234,000, which actually makes it cost more than the base model of the car.

The clock is actually a mechanical self winding clock as opposed to an electrical clock.

Self winding mechanical watches are usually easy to stay wound when you are wearing them on your wrist and moving around, but to make sure the clock stays wound on the dashboard, Bentley will be creating an unusual mechanism that will spin the clock around 3 times every 15 minutes.

If you aren’t sure that the clock is being spun, you can tap a button to spin the watch one more time, or you can likely hit it to show off to your friends you new clock that cost roughly as much as the car.

You can order the clock in white or rose gold, and a black ebony or mother of pearl face, and the clock is completed with eight large diamonds.


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