These Interesting Maps Show the Origins of 9 Common Words

Ever wonder how certain things got called what they are called?

Reddit user sp07 pulled together a collection of maps to show the etymological roots of nine common words: apple. bear, beer, church, cucumber, orange, pineapple, rose, and tea.

AppleApple appears to vary quite a lot when it comes to what it is called in various languages across the regions.

BearApparently in Eastern Europe, the terminology comes from the literal word “honey-eater”.

BeerThe word beer apparently is popular from the words describing brewer’s yeast, bitter, or to drink.

ChurchThe word for church seems to be used a lot from Greek origins, we can only assume because of the Greek Gods and the temples that were built for them.

CucumberThe word cucumber seems to originate from many various places.

OrangeApparently in parts of the world the word originates from the term “apple from China”.

PineapplePineapple or “ananas”, apparently most of the world adopted the word from Old Tupi, a language that was used in indigenous South America meaning “excellent fruit”.

RoseThe word for rose seems pretty similar for most of the areas on the map.

TeaIt is not surprising that tea which has Asian origins has a pronunciation that comes from Asia for the most part.














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