This Ring is Made Completely of Diamond (150 carat) and is Worth $70 Million!

We all know about diamond rings, but do you know about the ring that is entirely made out of diamond?

Shawish Jewelry, a jeweler based in Geneva, Switzerland, carved a ring from one single-faceted diamond.

The result is a 150 carat ring (with the diamond being part of the band), worth about $70 million.

The idea for the ring started in 2009, where a copyright was filed for the design of the ring, and in 2010 the copyright was secured.

Special lasers had to be developed to cut the ring in the special design, and it took a year to make.

The ring was completed by 2012, and the company is claiming it is the world’s first diamond ring, there hasn’t be definitive proof that this is true yet, but the ring is no doubt one of the most impressive diamond rings I’ve ever set my eyes on.

Keep in mind that Beyonce’s glamorous ring from now husband and business mogul Jay-Z is an 18 carat worth 5 million, this ring is over 8 times larger.

Check out the video of the spectacular ring below:

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