This TIE-Fighter Like Contraption is Actually a Work of Art and $18,500 Music Box

MB&F (Maximilian Büsser & Friends) and Reuge, a famous Switzerland maker of luxury music boxes have teamed up to make the MusicMachine 3.

The MusicMachine 3 was created in celebration of the 10th anniversary of MB&F.

This is the third collaboration between the two firms, and all three versions get inspiration from imaginary worlds of science fiction that have informed many of MB&F’s other designs.

The third box is based off the TIE Fighter from the Star Wars series.

The MusicMachine 3 is built around two “engines” on either side of the pod-like main hull, and on the back is a stylized representation of an engine thruster, but these are actually the winding keys for the two independent mechanisms.

The box has over 1,400 tiny pins that have been placed by hand in an equal number of impossibly small drill holes, and together with a precision tuned 72 tooth comb created out of a special steel alloy, the two rollers can play six distinct tunes from Star Wars, James Bond, Mission Impossible, The Godfather, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, and the Persuaders.

What does this unique piece of art cost? Around $18,500 with today’s exchange rates.

There are three limited editions being produced in white, black or chrome, with 33 pieces in each.




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