TiVo to Release TiVo Mega Which Can Store Almost 3 Years Worth of Content!

Have trouble deciding which shows you wish to keep and wish you have to delete to make space for new recordings on your current TiVo/DVR?

Well fret no more. TiVo plans on releasing the TiVo Mega which is said to store up to 26,000 hours of standard definition television.

The TiVo Mega is supposed to come with 24 terabytes of storage in a RAID 5 array and weigh in at around 40 to 50 pounds.

It is designed to be rack mounted with ten hot-swappable drives and an anodized precision-machined enclosure that makes it look like a server more so than a TiVo (the device is pictured at the top).

It is reported to cost $5,000, but along with that price, you get free TiVo service forever, which normally costs $500 (or $15 on a monthly plan), it also comes with TiVo’s higher end Slide Pro Remote, which has a built-in keyboard and normally costs $50 extra.

The device has six TV tuners, so no longer will you have to choose between most standard services recording options of a measly only being able to save two programs at once.

According to TiVo, the hard drive space will allow you to store up to 4,000 hours of HD programming (about 6 months), or 26,000 hours of standard definition programming.

The product is slated to release in the first few months of 2014, so until then you’ll just continue juggling which programs you wish to save, and which to remove to make more space for new recordings.

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