Tom Ford Turns the Apple Watch Into a Classy Pocket Watch

The Apple wristwatch has been out for just around a month now, and if you’re tired of the regular watch, Tom Ford, the fashion designer has updated it.

In some sort of ironic, retro-modern type design, Tom Ford turned the regular Apple Watch into a pocket watch.

Released as part of the new Tom Ford Spring 2016 collection, Tom Ford removes the watch off a strap (which is meant to go on your wrist, and has complicated underbody sensors to track your heart rate and has uses for other health and activity tracking featuers), and puts it onto a chain.

Losing the health tracking programs built in to use the sensors of the Apple Watch stinks, but the pocket watch looks a million times better in this design, and looks like somethingĀ I would wear as opposed to the regular Apple Watch, so I guess there has to be give and take.



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