Here Are The Top 10 Highest Grossing iOS Games

Did you know that some games can gross over a million dollars a day?

The mobile gaming industry is growing steadily, with predictions of it reaching $25 billion this year and growing to as much as $46 billion by the year 2016.

Which games are cashing in heavily on this trend?

We have collected the top 10 below:

10. Boom Beach.

10. Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a strategy game where you build a base, attack other bases, upgrade troops and defense, similar to Supercell’s other game Clash of Clans.

Estimated Daily Revenue: $120,634

Estimated Daily New Users: 22,100

9. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

9. Kim Kardashian Hollywood

The point of the game is to become a Hollywood star, hob-nobbing with celebrities, going to a photo shoot and wearing expensive clothes.

Estimated Daily Revenue: $136,487

Estimated Daily New Users: 29,665

8. Slotomania – Free Video Slots Games.

8. Slotomania

From the title, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, this is a slot machine game.

Estimated Daily Revenue: $159,181

Estimated Daily New Users: 14,288

7. Brave Frontier.

7. Brave Frontier

It’s a role playing type game taking place in the world of “Grand Gaia”, you can summon and form squads, gather resources and get stronger.

Estimated Daily Revenue: $188,719

Estimated Daily New Users: 15,504

6. Hay Day.

6. Hay Day

Another top grossing game from Supercell, this one is kind of like Farmville, you grow crops, buy and sell produce, trade and grow your property.

Estimated Daily Revenue: $225,100

Estimated Daily New Users: 22,185

5. Farm Heroes Saga.

5. Farm Heroes Saga

Think of it as a farm based Candy Crush/Bejeweled type game, where you move icons around and try to match them.

Estimated Daily Revenue: $268,323

Estimated Daily New Users: 23,153

4. Big Fish Casino.

4. Big Fish Casino

A casino game with slots, blackjack, roulette, poker and more.

Estimated Daily Revenue: $340,003

Estimated Daily New Users: 15,919

3. Game of War – Fire Age.

3. Game of War Fire Age

Another massively multiplayer online game where you buildup your empire and attack other empires.

Estimated Daily Revenue: $717,269

Estimated Daily New Users: 22,668

2. Candy Crush Saga.

2. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga comes in second, it is pretty much a bejeweled type game with candies that you move around and match up. There are various challenges such as getting a score in a certain time, collecting certain combinations and so forth.

Estimated Daily Revenue: $1,108,389

Estimated Daily New Users: 56,994

Yes, Candy Crush’s daily estimated revenue is over $1 million a day.

1. Clash of Clans.

1. Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans is an extremely popular game, and because of that, they top our revenue charts. They have so much revenue that they recently invested in television and print advertising, you may have seen it.

It’s a game where you build your town, and your units, upgrade their strengths and defenses, then you go on to attack other players.

You can also band together with a clan in an alliance and conduct wars/battles with other clans for loot.

Estimated Daily Revenue: $1,401,288

Estimated Daily New Users: 59,370

Almost one and a half million dollars a day for this addictive game!


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