Watch an Orca Punt a Seal 80 Feet Into the Air

While attempting to record a promotional video for a whale-watching promo, an unsuspecting film crew filmed a rare phenomenon when an orca punted a seal upwards of 80 feet in the air.

According to Earth Touch News:

“Playing “seal baseball” is just one of a variety of hunting techniques in the orca arsenal. Killer whales living around the Antarctic coastline have been recorded swimming in a tight formation towards ice floes to create a wave that sweeps unsuspecting seals into the water, ready to be picked off by the orcas. For smaller prey items like herring, killer whales in Norway use a method called carousel feeding, which involves using air bubbles to herd a baitball of fish to the surface, where the orcas will stun or kill them with a slap of their tail before gulping down huge mouthfuls.”

You can check the video out here:


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