Would You Believe That This Was Built Inside a Soviet Airplane Hangar?

In Germany, just south of Berlin, in Krausnick, a giant airplane hangar on a former Soviet airbase have been transformed into a gorgeous sunny, sandy resort.

The Tropical Islands Resort was built inside a 1,181 feet long, 689 feet wide, and 351 feet tall, larger than 8 football fields and the Statue of Liberty.

The resort was open in 2004 and has a maximum capacity of 6,000 visitors a day. In its first year of operation, it attracted 975,000 visitors according to figures published by its operators.

The climate is set to a nice 78 degrees even throughout Germany’s chilly winters, and there are 13 different bars and restaurants, miniature golf, and a rain forest to tour.

2This is how the resort looks like from the outside.


A family walking towards the resort.

4But once inside, you can enjoy the warm weather and the sandy beaches.

5This is the largest water slide in Germany at 88.5 feet.

6There is also a children’s play area, with bumper cars and a “ball volcano” that explodes with soft balls.


You can even take a tour of the resort via hot air balloon.


At night the lights dim, and many people head home, but you can stay overnight at the resort.



9You can stay in a cottage like this, there are about 200 rooms available.

10Or if you are on a budget, you can camp out in a teepee inside the dome’s rain forest camp, there are 133 teepees available at the resort.



There are 13 different bars and restaurants in the resort, with choices ranging from Thai, Indian, steak, and tropical barbecue.


Here a guest is taking a look at flamingos in a rain forest tour.




A worker walks past some of the huge water tanks that filter water for the swimming pool.

13Another worker transports goods throughout the underground tunnels.

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