You Can Buy an Inflatable Working Hot Tub for Less than an iPad!

The hot tub is something most people wish they could have in their homes. It provides a nice way to relax and unwind at the end of a night, but a traditional hot tub could cost thousands of dollars plus installation.

Well Intex came up with a Purespa Bubble Therapy Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa that can be purchased for $359.99 (less than an iPad!)

The PureSpa is inflatable and ready for water in about 20 minutes and just needs to be filled with water, although heating the water could take overnight depending on the temperature of the water you put into it.

It contains 120 gets and holds 210 gallons of water, it even comes with a filter to purify the water and filter out hard water.

The spa can also fit up to four people so if you wish to share the experience with a few friends you would all fit.

The temperature can go from 68 degrees and up to 104 degrees.

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