Alienware Announces Graphics Amplifier for Their Laptops!

Laptops have been getting thinner and thinner as well as lighter and lighter over the years, but as part of the rush to make laptops easier to carry around, a lot of laptop makers had to sacrifice a lot of more powerful components that take up a lot more room and need more power/cooling.

Well Alienware has announced it’s graphics amplifier, which is pretty much an external graphics card.

The graphics amplifier contains a 460 watt power supply and a full-length dual-width PCI Express x16 graphics card slot.

The PCI slot will take any standard Nvidia or AMD graphics card up to 375W TDP.

With the amplifier plugged it, it bypasses the laptop’s graphics processing unit and relies on whichever card is plugged into the amplifier and provides a boost in performance.

The alien head up front is customizable in different colors and the unit also has 4 usb ports for you to plug your devices in.

The connection is made with a PCI-Express based cable, which is currently only available on the Alienware 13 line of laptops, but development for other Alienware laptops is currently in the works.

Sadly due to the unique port, it is appears that this technology will be only available for Alienware laptops until they use some sort of more standard type of connection or unless some other laptop maker is able to make it work (without getting sued).

The price of this gadget is $299 and at time of writing is currently sold out.










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