Christie’s Is Going to Sell the World’s First Portable Private Islands

Christie’s International Real Estate has announced that it will be building and selling self-sufficient and eco-friendly private islands around the world.

Amilliarah Private Islands will allow guests to make their own self-sufficient island and determine its location anywhere in the world.

Christie’s partnered with Dutch Docklands for this unique opportunity.

Amilliarah has created unique custom designed and amde floating residences designed by famed Dutch architect, Koen Olthuis, one of the most influential people as named by Time Magazine.

Each self-sustaining island is free from environmental impact and are safe from rising sea levels, while at the same time creating a new underwater habitat for sea life.

Each island is built to last for over 100 years and is going to be completely stable in the water.

Amillarah has joined in a joint venture with the Government of Maldives to create and develop 10 Amillarah private islands, a 25 minute boat ride away from the airport.

The company has also worked with Dubai, to build 33 private islands, and Miami to build 30 private islands.

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