Jackie Chan Net Worth

$350 Million

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong born action movie star, and has done other work such as choreographer, producer, screenwriter, singer, and entrepreneur.

Jackie Chan is famous for his martial arts skills as well as his comedic timing.

Chan is known for performing all his own stunts while filming movies, although he admittedly has cut back in recent years due to age.

Jackie has business interests various films and other odds and ends such as a Segway dealership and a cinema chain.

Chan was sent to a performing arts boarding school in Hong Kong where he studied martial arts and acrobatics.

After high school, he spent some time bouncing around construction jobs in Australia and had a few failed attempts to make it into the Hong Kong movie scene.

At the age of 20, just as he received a telegram about a role in a new film, his parents gave him two final years to make his mark in the movie world, which became irrelevant after he landed a bit part in the Bruce Lee film, Enter the Dragon.

Full Name: Jackie Chan (born Chan Kong-sang)

Birthday: April 7, 1954

Career: Actor, martial artist, director, producer, screenwriter, stunt director/performer, singer, entrepreneur

Nationality: Hong Kong

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