Lufthansa and Porsche Offers an Exclusive First Class Driving Experience in Munich

Waiting at airports before your flight can be a drag, but thanks to Porsche, Lufthansa has made waiting slightly better for their first class passengers.

The Porsche First Class Excitement offer is available for all Lufthansa, SWISS, Australian Airline passengers holding first class tickets for that day, Lufthansa HON Circle members, and Lufthansa Private Jet guests.

The Porsches are supplied through Lufthansa partner Avis at a special rate of €99 for three hours including 150km and fuel, with each additional km being charged at €1, there is also an option to rent for a full 24 hours with 200km included at €304.

You have your choice of a new Porsche 911 or Panamera as part of this program.

The coolest part about this is that you can download a series of “route suggestions” based on a driving excursion from the airport.

The program is also being offered at Frankfurt airport, which the Lufthansa’s exclusive first class terminal (in Frankfurt) already has a whisky bar, cigar lounge, bath suites, and private cabana rooms.

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