Rolls Royce Unveils the Dawn – Their Newest Convertible Model

Rolls Royce last week lifted the covers off their newest creation, the Rolls Royce Dawn.

The 2016 Dawn was inspired from the Rolls Royce 1950 Silver Dawn, and appears to be built on the same platform they used for the Rolls Royce Wraith models.

However, over eight percent of the body panels on the Dawn are new, as well as the wheels and tires.

The car’s chassis has also been redesigned and reinforced to make it the most rigid four seat convertible on the market, and the suspension has also been tuned for the challenges of a convertible.

The car is designed as a true four seater as opposed to a 2+2 model, providing a luxurious experience for hte driver as well as all the passengers.

With the top up, the car is expected to be as quiet as the Wraith model, with a custom audio system that has sixteen speakers providing optimal sound in a convertible.

The power is provided by a Rolls Royce signature V12 which is tuned to produce 563 horsepower and 575 pound feet of torque, the engine is mated to a eight speed satellite aided automatic transmission.

Pricing hasn’t been officially announced, but is expected to start at around $325,000-$345,000.

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